Towards a Theory of Change on Integration Experts and Expertise –  Results of the Pilot Workshop

Results of the Pilot Workshop of the ITD Alliance Working Group on Intergration Experts and Expertise (Link to the article on the Integration and Implementation Insights blog)

In February 2023, a Pilot Workshop took place in the mountain village of Aeschiried, Switzerland. Organized by the ITD Alliance Working Group on Integration Experts and Expertise, this session aimed to shed light on the significance of integration experts and their expertise as essential factors in realising the full potential of inter- and transdisciplinary research.

The central question driving this workshop was: What can be done to recognise integration experts and expertise and to support the careers of such experts?

The goal is that diverse research institutes/universities have established integration experts as recognized academic positions in their structures .

To accomplish this objective, seven pathways were established:

  • Enabling positive experience
  • Establishing evaluation criteria
  • Opening up positions/careers
  • Promoting paradigm shif
  • Providing financial resources
  • Enabling teaching/learning
  • Nurturing Communities of Practice

Based on this pathways, specific inteventions were identified to induce the need change in the academic system:

  • Developing and discussing theories of change to institutionalise Integration Experts and Expertise in different national or regional contexts
  • Establishing a typology of Integration Experts and Expertise
  • Exchanging on teaching and learning formats for inter- and transdisciplinary integration

If you like to be involved, join the Global Inter- and Transdisciplinary Alliance (ITD Alliance) Working Group on ‘Integration Experts and Expertise’