The Railway Museum

The Railway Museum in Utrecht is located in the historic Maliebaan Station. This classic train station, built in 1874, has been restored to its former glory and exudes 19th-century grandeur, complete with marble floors, chandeliers and waiting rooms. On the other side of the track stands an impressive modern museum hall in which visitors can see, smell and touch the history of the railway in the Netherlands. ITD24 attendees invited to look around the museum during the conference.

About the collection

The collection was briefly located in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, but in the 1950s the museum was moved back to Utrecht. Maliebaan station, which had been closed in 1939, was found to be a suitable site. The building was remodeled, and in 1954 the museum reopened there. In this location there was far more room to exhibit the entire collection to the public, including historical rail equipment. Until 2003, a long line of historic steam locomotives on track one of the station was one of the most distinctive aspects of the exhibit.

During the 2002 remodeling, the back lot was also largely cleared, and completely renovated. A large new museum building was constructed, which now contains four “worlds”:

  1. The great discovery (the early years in the 19th century)
  2. Dream travels (the glory days of international trains around 1900)
  3. Steel monsters (the 1930s and 1940s)
  4. The workshop (large hall with trains)

Where is the Railway Museum located?

The Railway Museum is located right in the centre of Utrecht.

Het Spoorwegmuseum (the Railway Museum)
Maliebaanstation 16
3581 XW Utrecht

Website: The Railway Museum – Spoorwegmuseum

How do I get to the Railway Museum using public transport?

By bus: Take bus 4, 8, 28, 50, 55, 73, or 77 from Utrecht Central station and get out at the Stadsschouwburg stop. From there, the Railway Museum is just a quick walk (approx. 10 min) away.