Working Groups

The Working Groups are an important pillar of the ITD Alliance and the main space to actively engage. Specific fields are addressed by self-organised groups of experts and interested members. This enables contributing to and benefitting from globally distributed expertise and experience.

Existing Working Groups


This working group focuses on toolkits & methods to support interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary processes in research, practice or education.

Early Career Researchers

This working group is focused on support, peer-exchange and mentorship of early career researchers, lecturers and students.

Integration Experts and Expertise

This working group explores, develops, and promotes careers of integration experts across different scientific communities and geographic regions.

Plan to join or found a Working Group?

Working groups are self-organised entities focussing on important aspects of collaborative research.

To join a working group, please check each Working Group`s page for contact details.

New working groups have to be proposed to the Leadership Board. For more information on forming a working group, please contact the Executive Secretary