ITD Toolkits Inventory

Products from the Inventory Project by the Toolkits & Methods Working Group

This work is in progress.

The toolkits featured in the toolkit inventory are collections of methods, procedures, concepts, heuristics, and/or other resources that can be used in designing and implementing interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary (ITD) processes in research, practice, or education.

This inventory is one product of the Inventory Project, an ongoing effort of the ITD Alliance Toolkits & Methods Working Group. The inventory provides an overview of toolkits for collaborative modes of research, debates how to adequately characterise toolkits and tools, and explores what we can learn from such a characterisation.

In 2019 when we began to think about creating some form of inventory of ITD toolkits, we encountered a tension between providing a service to the community before our information become obsolete vs. providing a high-quality product that gives credit to all toolkits out there and their unique approaches. In the end we took a pragmatic approach and did the following three activities:

  1. Sample Dashboards: We developed a dashboard template that would quickly present relevant information on a toolkit. We prototyped this template with 5 toolkits familiar to our Working Group. The dashboards, below, help viewers understand the rationale and the unique value of each toolkit (in comparison to the others).
  2. Overview Visualisation: We developed a visualisation, below, to help users compare a range of toolkits. We did this by tagging 27 toolkits against a range of criteria and then creating an image to display the landscape of toolkits. The tagging was guided by the question “what can be found in the toolkit?” and may support your decision on which toolkit(s) you want to further explore.
  3. Community Picks: To give credit to all the other toolkits we could not cover, or to present toolkits more adequately than it is possible in a diagram, we are expanding our inventory with a “community picks” section, below.

Sample Dashboards

Brief, structured descriptions of several ITD toolkits

Integrated Research Toolkit

Provides some basic tools and methods for beginners to integrated research.

Integration and Implementation Insights (i2Insights) blog and repository

Provides tools for developing more comprehensive understanding of complex problems and for supporting (through research) improved policy and practice responses to them.

SHAPE-ID Toolkit

Acts as a gateway to locate resources and tools for inter- and transdisciplinary research; with a special focus on the roles of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.


Provides tools and methods targeted to improve societal impact of transdisciplinary research through systematic process design.

td-net toolbox

Provides methods and tools for co-producing knowledge in heterogenous groups of experts from science and practice.

Overview of the Landscape of Toolkits

A Visual Review of 28 Toolkits for Inter- and Transdisciplinary Work, published October 2023

Click on each image below for a full-size version. Source:

Community Picks

Selected ITD Toolkits from our Working Group Community (forthcoming)

More to come…

We are also writing a peer-reviewed article about toolkitting. Toolkit suggestions are warmly welcome: contact us.