Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will ITD24 take place?

  • ITD24 will take place from 4 or 5 to 8 November 2024, in Utrecht, the Netherlands at the Railway museum.

How can I travel to Utrecht, the Netherlands?

  • You can reach Utrecht by either flying into Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), by the well-connected international rail network, by ferry or by car. We want to encourage you to explore sustainable ways of travelling (if possible for you).

How do I travel from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) to Utrecht?

  • You can take a direct train from Schiphol Airport to Utrecht Central station. We recommend taking the intercity, which takes thirty minutes and leaves every fifteen minutes. On the Dutch national railway website, you can plan your journey. At the airport, you can purchase a train ticket at one of the yellow ticket machines.

I live in Europe. How would you recommend travelling to The Netherlands?

  • We would encourage to see if travelling by train is a possibility for you. The Central Station of Utrecht is well connected with many other European cities by rail.  You can plan your journey on the NS international website for more information. If it is not a possibility for you, you can fly into Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) or Eindhoven Airport (Eindhoven). 

I don’t live in Europe. How would you recommend travelling to the Netherlands?

  • If you don’t live in Europe, we recommend flying to Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands. From here, you can travel to Utrecht by train (which only takes thirty minutes). The Central Station of Utrecht is closely located to the city center, the conference venues and our selected accommodation.

How do I get from the Central (train) Station in Utrecht to my accommodation?

  • It is good to know that Utrecht is a rather small city. All of the hotels that we have included in our offer through the hotel portal, are located near the Central Station, city center and conference venue(s). You can reach them easily by foot, bicycle, taxi or by the city’s excellent public transport.

How do I get from my hotel to the conference venue(s)?

  • Depending on your accommodation, you can travel to the conference venue(s) by bicycle, public transport or by foot. From Monday till Friday the conference will take place at ‘Het Spoorwegmuseum’ (The Railway Museum). The address is Maliebaanstation 16, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

How can I contact you?

You can reach us from Monday to Friday, at For more information, please visit our website.