Global Alliance for
Inter- and Transdisciplinarity

The purpose of the Global Alliance for Inter- and Transdisciplinarity (ITD Alliance) is to strengthen and to promote the global capacity and the calibre of collaborative modes of boundary-crossing research and practice.

Our Mission

The ITD Alliance exists to serve a diverse, distributed network of institutions and individuals cutting across disciplinary, institutional, cultural, sectorial, and geographical boundaries. The shared goal of Alliance members is to address complex problems and societal needs common to inter- and transdisciplinary communities around the world. We contribute to theory and practice by providing specialized knowledge, tools, and techniques that support, guide, and drive global cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborations. We adopt a context-driven approach, while acknowledging a plurality of paradigms, experiences, ways of knowing, acting and being, values and methods. By focusing on boundary-crossing and boundary-spanning research, the ITD Alliance aims to advance capacity for collaborative research, interrelate or integrate diverse perspectives, and foster innovation, while building an international community to address significant societal needs.


The ITD-Alliance is organised as an association (Verein), according to Swiss law. Its main governance entities are:

Members (composed of institutions and individuals)
General Assembly (composed of all members)
Leadership Board (decision-making body, elected by the General Assembly)
Executive Committee (an Executive Secretary, a Treasurer, and 1-2 additional members of the Leadership Board)
Secretariat (hosted by the Network for Transdisciplinary Research td-net, Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences)

Download the bylaws of the ITD Alliance

Leadership Board

In alphabetical order as of October 2021

Board members representing an institution:

Ana M. Corbacho – Espacio Interdisciplinario, UDELAR, Uruguay
Stephen Fiore – INSCITS, international/USA
Machiel Keestra – AIS, International/Netherlands
Alexandra Lux, ISOE, Germany
Hein Mallee – RIHN, Japan
Basirat Oyalowo – Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development, UNILAG, Nigeria
Theres Paulsen – td-net/SCNAT, Switzerland
Christian Pohl – TdLab, ETHZ, Switzerland
Michael Uwemedimo – CMAP, Nigeria (tbc.)

Individual members:

Jan Freihardt, Wissenschaf(f)t Zukukünfte e. V.  Germany
Dena Fam, University of Technolology, Sydney, Australia
Julie Thompson Klein, USA
Ulli Vilsmaier, Austria

Treasurer: Christian Pohl
Executive Secretary: Tobias Buser

Leadership Board 2019-2021

In alphabetical order as of June 2021

Stephen Fiore
Kara Hall
Machiel Keestra
Juliana Merçon
Michael O’Rourke
Theres Paulsen
Christian Pohl
Julie Thompson Klein
Ulli Vilsmaier

Treasurer: Christian Pohl
Executive Secretary: Tobias Buser