Handbook – Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research

Are you conducting or interested in incorporating aspects of interdisciplinary (ITD) and transdisciplinary (TD) approaches into your research projects? Do you consider yourself to be an ITD researcher but still not quite sure what that means exactly? Are you curious about the perspective of those who have gone or going through the same process?

If yes, this Handbook might be something you want to check out.

Main authors:                      BinBin J. Pearce, Irina Dallo, Hammond Sarpong Antwi

Contributing authors:        Erika Angarita, Ana Isabel Garcia Ambrosy, Nadine Brühwiler, Lisa Deutsch, Ancois De Villers, Dena Fam, Jan Freihardt, Stefan Hilser, Lorena Daphna Kuratle, Rebecca Laycock, Jenny Lieu, Philipp Lischer, Nelly Mokay,  Stefan Markus Müller, Varvara Nikulina, Pfungwa Nyamukachi, Rea Pärli, Abigail Poeske, Juanita von Rothkirch, Ariane Wenger

The Handbook is comprised of  the most frequently asked questions about  ID/TD research. The list was compiled based on over fifteen coffee hours with Early Career Researchers (ECRs) discussing their challenges and concerns. Some of the answers were jointly elaborated with ECSs and extended with the expertise of the main authors and senior researchers (ITD Alliance ECSs Working group). Our hope is that it helps you to identify aspects of your work with the ITD/TD community, a vital part of the scientific landscape, and to know that you are a part of a growing community of thinkers and practitioners. 

We categorised the current questions into eight overarching topics (see figure above ): 1) Research identity; 2) Ethical considerations; 3) Methods; 4) Theoretical, conceptual, and thematic frameworks; 5) Actors and stakeholders; 6) PhD process; 7) Networking; and 8) Funding and career opportunities.

The Handbook is a living document, allowing for the incorporation of new questions and the expansion of answers with additional insights. If you wish to contribute further insights, advice, etc., you can either directly add your comments to the Google Doc or send an email to BinBin Pearce and/or Irina Dallo (b.j.pearce-1@tudelft.nl / irina.dallo@sed.ethz.ch).

Download Handbook as a pdf (Version March 2024)

Editable Handbook as a GoogleDoc

Further, if you would like to join the working group email list for future announcements (e.g., activities at conferences, virtual coffee hours), please contact BinBin Pearce and/or Irina Dallo (b.j.pearce-1@tudelft.nl / irina.dallo@sed.ethz.ch).