ITD Alliance in Egypt and launch of the Egyptian National Interdisciplinary Network

The ITD Alliance joined forces with the Interdisciplinary Excellence Programme in Egypt for the second time Link

The professional development programme (2022 edition) to transform higher education towards inter and transdisciplinarity, in which around 50 professors and university leaders/administrators participated, was celebrated at the Interdisciplinary Excellence Symposium 2023 that took place on May 12th in Cairo. The event was hosted by Knowledge E, the Egyptian Knowledge Bank and the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and was attended by high-level policy makers and university presidents from nearly all public Egyptian universities. The symposium featured strategic insights from HE Professor Dr Mohamed Ayman Ashour (Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research) and ITD Alliance Leadership Board member Apl. Professor Dr Ulli Vilsmaier gave a talk on university transformations and national strategies to foster inter- and transdisciplinarity with international examples.

The ‘Egyptian National Interdisciplinary Network’ was officially launched at the symposium. This network has been established with the purpose of promoting inter- and transdisciplinarity in Egyptian higher education and actively contribute to international peer-networks and collaborative global initiatives. We are excited to see a new process to promote inter- and transdisciplinarity on national level emerging!