ITD Alliance Leadership Board Elections 2021 – Information and Process

Composition, duties and responsibilities of the Leadership Board

The Leadership Board co-creates the strategy of the ITD Alliance, and sets priorities for its implementation. It elaborates the governance structure of the ITD Alliance and is in close contact with the Working Groups. The members of the Leadership board represent the ITD Alliance and promote its goals of the in their networks and institutions and reach out for third party funding. The Leadership Board meets regularly online, usually once per month. Every year the General Assembly with all members of the ITD Alliance needs to be organised, usually as part of a member institution’s international conference.

The Leadership Board is supported by the Executive Secretary and the Secretariat serving as contact and coordination point for the Alliance.  The amount of support will grow with increasing numbers of members and potential in-kind and third party funding.

The Leadership Board consists of 5-15 board members. Members of the Leadership Board are elected by the General Assembly for a period of 2 years. They can be re-elected for a maximum of 3 continuous terms. After reaching maximum number of terms, re-election is possible after a break of 1 term.

The following general principles apply for composition of the leadership board:

  • At least 2/3 of its members represent institutional members; however, each institutional member may only be represented on the Leadership Board by at most one representative at a time;
  • The host institution(s) of the secretariat has(have) the right to delegate one board member;
  • The board aims to maximize diversity and inclusion in composition, defined in our diversity statement (in preparation).

For detailed information on the governance structure as well as duties and responsibilities, please consult the bylaws (pdf download).

Election Process

  • Until September 4, 2021: Registration as candidate for the ITD Alliance Leadership Board possible. Candidates present themselves with a short text and a picture. Please use the template (download word document) and send the completed document to:
  • We recommend to contact the Executive Secretary or a current member of The Leadership Board for a brief exchange on the Leadership Board’s work.
  • September 10, 2021, A PDF document with all candidates will be sent to all members of the ITD Alliance

At the General Assembly September 13, 2021, online:

  • Members of the ITD Alliance will have the opportunity to meet the candidates (30′, in breakout rooms)
  • Elections takes place, all members are invited to vote (online voting system)
  • Candidates are elected as follows:
  • By number of voices – 15 seats are available in total; a minimum of 2/3 need to be institutional candidates as stated in the bylaws. Therefore two voting lists exist: one for institutional candidates and one for individual candidates
  • Each member of the ITD Alliance has 10 votes for institutional candidates (minus the number of host institutions, who can delegate a representative for the Leadership Board) and 5 for individual candidates. If there are less candidates, the number of votes will be adjusted accordingly.

The newly elected board will start its work in October 2021, an informal exchange of the newly elected board will take place directly after the General Assembly.