General Assembly 2023 – Agenda

ITD Alliance General Assembly 2023 – Agenda

Online, two time-slots Wednesday 8. November, and Thursday 9. November 2023

Time on Wednesday 8. November:  7-9:30am CET/WAT, 3-5:30pm JST, 5-7:30 pm AEDT (please check your local time)

Time on Thursday 9. November: 15:30-18pm CET/WAT, 14:30-17pm WET/GMT, 9:30am-12 EST, 11:30am-14pm GMT-3 (please check your local time)

Zoom link for the meeting will be sent out the day before the meeting

We invite all members of the ITD Alliance to the General Assembly 2023. All individual members and all interested persons affiliated to an institutional member are warmly welcome to 1) look back on the past period 2022/23, and 2) to start into the 2023/2024 period with exiting opportunities ahead, and 3) to discuss how higher education and research institutions could best learn from each other within the ITD Alliance, building on the outcomes of the 2022 General Assembly workshop.

Elections and voting on decisions will take place via email. The voting email will be sent after the General Assembly to all individual members with an active membership, and the contact person for each institutional member. Voting will be possible until November 17, 2023.


Part I – Looking back (25’)

1. Impressions from 2022/23

2. Q&A regarding 2022/23

3. Discharge of the Leadership Board, 2022/23 business year. Document: financial statement

Decision on formal discharge of the Leadership Board: via email voting

4. Finances:

4a financial statement 2022/23and budget estimate for the 2023/24 business year. Document: financial statement and budget estimate

  Decision on budget estimate: via email voting

  4b New membership fee scheme for institutional members. Document: new funding scheme for institutional members

  Decision on new institutional membership fee structure via email voting

Part II Looking back and ahead – Working Groups of the ITD Alliance (40’)


5. Presentation of Working Groups and short q&a

Part IV Looking Ahead (35’)

6. ITD 24 – International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2024

7. Regional nodes – fostering and sharing regional activities, networks and research cultures

8. Events, trainings, and projects in collaboration with The ITD Alliance – opportunities to collaborate with the ITD Alliance

9. Elections

9a. Leadership Board Election

The ITD Alliance Leadership Board has 5-15 seats (as defined in the bylaws). 3 Leadership Board members have been elected last year (Ria Lambino, Jason Prior, Mª Helena Guimarães), their term continuous until November 2024, the other seats are open for new candidates and current Leadership Boards members who run for re-election. It is still possible to inscribe as candidate for the Leadership Board – until November 1st

Please find the details including the candidate profile template here

Election via email voting

9b. Presidency

For the first time, there will be an election for president. The Leadership Board has decided to install a presidency model for the ITD Alliance. The presidency model is already foreseen in the bylaws as an option and will now be implemented. The main motivations to install the presidency model are:

  • to strengthen and clarify responsibilities to pursue strategic tasks and projects
  • to increase visibility and representation of the ITD Alliance

Presidency terms

A regular term for presidency is 2 years, re-election is possible up to a maximum of 2 consecutive terms.

The detailed design of the presidency model and a list of duties and responsibilities of the presidency will be elaborated in 2024.

In case the presidency is vacant, the Leadership Board will take up the communication and leadership duties collectively, as has been the case until now.

The Leadership Board has reached out to potential candidates. It is still possible to inscribe as candidate for presidency. Please contact  if you are interested

Election via email voting

Part V – Fostering and enhancing institutionalisation of Inter- and Transdisciplinarity (30’)

10. Discussion: how could higher education and research institutions best learn from each other within the ITD Alliance. What are main fields of interest? Is there an interest for regular meetings or other forms of collaboration on questions of institutionalisation? The results of the 2022 General Assembly workshop will serve as a starting point (download document).   

 Part VI: Informal exchange