Inventory Project

Core group:
Gabriele Bammer, Antonietta Di Giulio, Josefa Kny, Bethany Laursen, Emilia Nagy, Theres Paulsen, Melissa Robson-Williams, Martina Schäfer, Sibylle Studer, Bianca Vienni Baptista

Peter Deane, Steve Fiore, Isabel Fletcher, Kerstin Hemström, Stefan Hilser, Mone Spindler, Keisha Taylor Wesselink

Coordinated by:
Melissa Robson-Williams, Sibylle Studer

What is it about?

The project aspires to

  • provide an overview of itd toolkits,
  • understand how to adequately characterize itd toolkits and tools, and
  • explore what we can learn from such a characterization beyond ‘providing an overview’.

What do we mean by a toolkit?

The toolkits featured here are collections of methods, procedures, concepts, heuristics and/or other resources that can be used in designing and implementing interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary processes in research, practice or education.

There are three kinds of toolkits:

1) those that focus on interdisciplinarity and/or transdisciplinarity as a whole,

2) those that address aspects of interdisciplinarity and/or transdisciplinarity (eg stakeholder engagement, defining common goals, or a specific topic, such as gender studies), and

3) those that are broader in scope and where the majority of tools are relevant to interdisciplinarity and/or transdisciplinarity.

What is our product?

Inventory presented on the ITD-Alliance Website (open access):

  • Entry page with an overview of the toolkits
  • Format that allows people to do a comparison
  • Brief structured description of each toolkit in a dashboard with 8 dimensions
  • Tags for multi-criteria search

Work in progress.

Who is it for?

The inventory addresses 3 (overlapping) user groups.

  • User type: Tool-users working in itd projects, cross-boundary collaboration or co-creation processes
    Use case: Search for appropriate tools & methods
  • User type: Tool theorists/interested observers
    Use case: Search for sources for meta-research on toolkits
  • User type: Representatives of existing or “to be created” toolkits 
    Use case: Search for synergies, gaps

How can you contribute?

1) You have a favourite toolkit or are you responsible for one? -> Let us know!

2) Join our workshop on visualizations & orientation regarding various itd toolkits on July 15th. The workshop will be held in 2 time slots. Contact us for more information.