Integration Experts and Expertise fully affiliated with ITD Alliance

There is very good news: the ITD Alliance Leadership Board decided to fully affiliate the Working Group Integration Experts and Expertise to the ITD Alliance. We are very thankful to everybody who made this possible!

The core team members of the Working Group will have a first pilot workshop in Feb 2023 that could serve as basis for sequentially developing Theories of Change (ToCs) for integration experts and expertise in different contexts (e.g. CH, DE, AUS, USA, NL). They will present the results of this pilot workshop on March 15 (3-6 pm, Swiss time) and March 16 (8-11 am, Swiss time). If you are interested in participating in one of the meetings in March, please reserve already now one of these time slots to discuss with the core team members the implications of the workshop results for the Working Group activities as well as next steps. Please feel also free to spread the word about both meetings among your colleagues and within your networks.

To build on your perspective and come up with a joint vision about the desired long-term change in the academic system concerning integration experts and expertise (an essential component of ToCs), the Working Group would like to ask you to contribute to this pilot workshop by providing them input on the following question: In your perspective, what is the desired long-term change in the academic system the Working Group on Integration Experts and Expertise aims at contributing to? Please feel free to discuss this question among your peers and send your individual and/or collective answers to Sabine Hoffmann until end of January 2023. Many thanks in advance for your valuable contributions!